Inter-faith marriages are welcome

         Supreme Court observed on a petition filed by father challenging inter-religious faith of his daughter that inter-religious or inter-caste marriages are good for society but such marriages should be bonafide. Though it is not a judgement, the observations itself carries much impact. We welcome wholeheartedly these observations. Now a days, people stopped thinking as human beings but identified themselves with caste/religion/region. It is really disturbing trend. 

   When our constitution was framed, our forefathers wished that country over a period of time will develop as matured and civilised society without bothering much about identity. Even Dr Ambedkar wanted reservations as temporary measure and aimed for casteless society. Unfortunately, trend is in the reverse direction. Caste has become more solidified, religion has become more polarised, region has become more nearer and dearer than nation. This trend was not visualised by our constitution forefathers. Rationalism and materialism which was part of Indian philosophy since thousand of years has been treated as dangerous and rationalists were murdered in the last few years. During ancient philosophical times, Charvaka's philosophy was part of discussions. Where from this tolerance has gone?

  In this trend of intolerance, Supreme Court observations must be looked into. In the era of 21st century, adult man and woman are free to take a decision regarding their marriage. Even live in together is accepted by society. The inter-faith marriages are to be left to the individuals instead of involvement of elders. Why should elders interfere in the freedom of adult individuals? In fact, if we aim uniform civil code, the same spirit should be followed in inter-faith, inter-caste marriages also. If anyone says that uniform civil code is Ok but not inter-faith marriage, they are hypocrites. Uniform Civil Code is based on humans without identity. The encouragement of inter-faith, inter-caste marriages promote the same spirit. Let us wholeheartedly welcome Supreme Court observations towards fulfilment of developed humanity and mankind.