India puts its head in shame

    India with 130 crore population did not find a place in any of the top 300 universities as per the report compiled by Times Higher Education. Earlier, Indian Institute of Science find place and now it slipped below 300 ranking. It is the state of affairs of our education system. We may find several alibis but fact will not change. China comparable in population with us find a place for 24 universities in top 200. It is a serious concern to all of us.

  Government made certain policy decisions giving autonomy to universities and allocated funds to  some of the universities for making over the change. This experiment is yet to be grounded and it will take some more years to test the result. Till that time, we put our head in shame. The new Education policy though not directly and immediately connected, it will impact in the long run. Many good features are available in this draft published by Ministry of Human Resources.


  Only solace is that more number of universities entered in to the 1300 list of entries. This news item widely published in our domestic media is a white wash and diversionary tactics. The claim of 6th largest economy and $3 trillion economy is not at all compensate the damage impacted in education, the future and real human asset of the country. Though plans are many, the allocation of funds to the education are worrisome. There should be more concentration on quality of education than quantity. No country develops without quality education. Governments of Centre and States must realise this and allocate more funds and also priority in policy and execution.