Modi - The True Phoenix
A Sneak Peak into the Personality of the Leader of the World’s Largest Democracy.

A True Phoenix

A leader who was orchestrated as a mass murderer, Narendra Damodardas Modi is a true phoenix that rose from the ashes. Being un-rightly labelled as a person with  “blood on his hands”, he has made his way through the biased media to connect with people and prove to be an able leader of masses. Be it the southern states of Tamil Nadu or the North Eastern states of Manipur, the Prime Minister seamlessly connects with the people of that territory. In his Independence Day speech, Narendra Modi wore a manipuri Handloom. He spoke in Malayalam to wish the Keralites on the day of Onam, mentioned Kakatiya rule in Telangana. Respecting the various regional cultures and histories that our India embodies, Narendra Modi is by far the best communicator among the contemporary politicians. His connect with individuals irrespective of age group, region and language reflects the Personality behind the name. A Person who can connect with the same ease to a Kid and to an Octogenarian.

In a unique show about kids hosted by the prime minister himself-Exam Pe Charcha, he had  replied to a concerned mother enquiring about how to get her kid off the mobile gaming. The reply he gave - “Yeh PubG Wala Hai Kya” soon turned a popular hashtag and meme for the netizen youth of this country.  Being at the age of 68, The prime ministers knowledge and curiosity about the youth and children of his country stems from his natural ability to connect with a crowd beyond the barriers.

The Balance of Wit and Shrewdness

The Prime Minister in many of his meetings is known to pass of witty remarks that makes the people jubilant. It was one such incident where a Minister in a state was not approving an important file that was pending for months. When the issue came to Prime Ministers notice, he directly called on that minister and spoke to him assertively. Noticing that the atmosphere around him was turning serious, he cracked a joke that eased the mood. Prime Minister Modi is known to strike a balance between wit and shrewdness. The wit that necessitates an ignited surroundings and a shrewdness that implements the visionary ideas. The Ideas that change the society and move it ahead. This is what makes him a favorite of his associates and bureaucrats.

Changing the mindset of masses

Narendra Modi as prime minister will remain in history as someone who could change the mindset of the masses. The Prime Minister has proved to be a leader who has ignited this change through his actions and decisions. Through Demonetisation and digitalization, he brought in dramatic shift in our economic life-styles, in the way we transact. Through Swachh Bharat, he reinforced the duties of the citizens. Through Yoga-Day, he helped the millenial youth rediscover their rich culture. Rather than conforming to the pattern of masses, Narendra Modi is always keen to break the inertia and change the country towards progress choosing Healthy risk over diminishing safety.

A leader who travels with the crowd and while encompassing a vision beyond any

Looking at the decisions he took across the last 5 years, one can understand his appetite for progressive risks. It takes “Jigar”- A heart of steel to make a move like abrogation of Article 370. His hunger for change is reflected throughout his journey as a politician. While managing to take tough and bold decisions, the PM also remains joyous and radiant.  His appearance on the global TV Show ‘Man Vs Wild’ and hosting American President Obama in his Mann Ki baath reflects his passionate self. 

Few actions of Prime Minister go beyond the imposed social order, breaking the shackles. Recently  during a visit to prayagraj, he has surprised everyone by washing the feet of Safai Karamcharis. He also performed a Ganga Harathi later that day. These actions of dichotomy by the person at that stature redefine the perception towards the caste and class dialogue existent in our country.

His vision for India outreaches his term. Narendra Modi was instrumental in bringing an unofficial age limit of 75  for a Member of Parliament in BJP. The possibility of this move affecting him in contesting a third term proves his selfless vision. Narendra Modi aims at the aspirations of this country. Promoting the country's youth to be Parliamentarians and taking an active part in politics like no other leader.With just 100 days past the second term, We have much more to look ahead for the coming years from him.

This combination of generous-intellect, gentle-humour and visionary-leadership makes the Prime Minister a man to be etched in the history of our nation. 

It was the D-Day. India’s Mission to the Moon had a hitch. Teary Eyed chairman of ISRO was escorting the Prime Minister out. The final moments where the Chairman could not control his flow of emotion. The moist eyes symbolized the man of ambition. And there stood My Prime Minister like a brother consoling him with whom he had seen this ambition. He reinstated that India is with him and his team, from Earth to the Moon and Back.

India is also with you My Prime Minister.
Happy Birthday Sir.

Anugula Rakesh Reddy

(The Author is BJP Telangana State Official Spokesperson, Economist, BITS-Pilani alumnus and Director, Center for Leadership and Governance, Hyderabad)