No new districts in AP for two more years

         World largest census exercise begins next year in India. This time , it will be paperless i.e. digital. Entire information will be feeded on a mobile app. 33 lakh people will be involved with budget escalating to Rs 12000 crores from Rs 2200 crores in 2011. It is a gigantic exercise, unique in nature. The biggest lacuna is enumerators. Though they will be trained, the collection of data involves dedication and commitment which is not up to the level in the past census exercise. Along with Census, National People's Register also will be prepared. 


  Entire exercise should be one objective that is accuracy of data. The planning of socio, economic measures will totally depends on this data only. If the data is not accurate, entire country's planning will be based on wrong statistics. Census is having such an important event. In the background of satellite communication and surveillance and other high level technological knowhow , it is possible to make it more accurate and faultless. In the census exercise, house-listing is very important preparatory exercise. If we are able to enlist houses accurately, half of our work will be successful. Geo mapping of houses can be done and it can be matched with physical enumeration. This will be planned meticulously. 

     Territorial Boundaries will be fixed

  One more important aspect in this census is that territorial boundaries will be fixed one year before the exercise. That means , Centre can not change State boundaries and States can not change District and Block level boundaries. That means from March 2020, no changes will be allowed in the territories. In our Telugu States, Telangana already undertook district reorganisation, municipal reorganisation and other revenue reorganisation. In Andhra Pradesh, Jagan Mohan Reddy promised in the election manifesto that more number of districts will be created on lines of Lok Sabha constituencies. He has to postpone it for two more years. Recently, Pilli Subhash Chandra Bose informed that creation of districts is not on priority and it will be taken up after conducting local body elections only. That means census code will apply by that time and AP people may wait for a long time to realise their dream of creation of new districts. Actually, by this time, they must have come out with new districts. After this exercise, conduct of elections would be ideal. Otherwise, elected bodies will be there for old districts and new districts will deprive of full fledged elected bodies till the term of existing bodies will be completed. Telangana experienced the same. After seeing the Telangana experience, Andhra Government must have thought of reorganisation of districts first and elections later. Now, it is too late. AP Government is missing the Bus and to wait till completion of census exercise. People who are eagerly waiting for new districts are disappointed very much.