UK Labour Party against India

UK Labour party passed a resolution demanding plebiscite in Kashmir. British Pakistani Ms uzma Rasool moved the motion and adopted by the party conference. In the recent past, UK Labour Party is sliding towards Pakistan  and giving statements against India. Recently, two times demonstrations were held in London against India and number of Labour MPs participated in these protest demonstrations. Of late, labour Party in Britain is moving towards far left. As far as India- Pakistan relations are concerned , pro Pakistan elements within the Party are hijacking the Kashmir issue. The Pakistan diaspora along with Azad Kashmir people are good in number in Pakistan. Particularly Mirpur people who worked in second world war are hyperactive in England. Around 50,000 soldiers after world war returned to Mirpur and wanted to join in Kashmir Maharaja army. Maharaja refused to take them. Most of them went back to Britain and settled there. They are backbone in sending foreign remittances to their people in Mirpur. Also, due to close relations after partition,  many Pakistanis settled in Britain as cab drivers and factory workers. They are very active in Labour Party. These two segments jointly propagate against India all the time. Now, Britain became epicentre for Pak propaganda.

England played dirty role from the beginning. The recent revelation of documents proved that creation of Pakistan is conceived by Britain in their larger design of 'Great Game'. Everyone who follows history knows that Britain and Russia played to dominate the Asian continent. It was called ' Great Game'. The later cold war between USA and Soviet Russia is an extension of Great Game. Britain wanted a strategic safe place to serve Persia, Gulf and South Asia. For that , they wanted to create a strategic country which will serve the interest of Britain. In that process only, they encouraged Jinna, they wanted Kashmir to be part of Pakistan. When their game plan failed in Kashmir, they saw northern areas (present Gilgit- Baltistan) went to Pakistan by military coup. That is the reason, they wanted to stop our Army not to proceed further crossing Jheelum river. These things were known through well established documents now.  Such a country once again is playing its dirty role. If really, they are concerned about plebiscite, why not they demand Pakistan to vacate its army from Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan? That should be the first demand as per UN resolution. It is the precondition before process starts. They are silent on this means surrender to pro Pakistan and Jihadi friendly elements within the Party.

Britain is not in a position to dictate to us. India must be firm and aggressive in dealing with Britain. Time has come to teach them a lesson who never apologised till today for Jallianwala Bagh massacre. Britain is not honouring international obligations. Our Embassy was attacked twice. How it happened? Is Government became mute spectator? The Indian diaspora should take a tough stand against Labour Party by resolving not to cast single vote to that party in the elections. Besides, let us tell to the Government that the position is now changed. India is not dependent on UK. They must realise it. If the same way US Embassy was attacked, can the Government keep quiet? Indian Government must build pressure on UK Government in stronger tone. We have to watch the situation. If things move in adverse direction, we must take serious retaliatory measures like boycotting England goods. Let us stand unitedly and face the consequences in case of further anti-India actions.