Congress at last realised

  Congress at last realised that national security is one issue which requires unanimity between all parties. Congress spokesperson Anand Sharma said that Congress is in complete agreement with Government stand on Pakistan and terrorism. It is a welcome stand. But damage already caused to Congress party. They realised a bit late. Congress earlier stand on Kashmir made it most unpopular. It is going to reflect in the coming Maharashtra and Haryana elections.

  Already, there were cracks in Congress on Article 370. Several Congress leaders expressed open support to Government on Article 370. Bhupendra Huda, ex Chief Minister and present Legislative party leader in Haryana is also one among them. Again, Haryana elections are led by him on behalf of Congress party. He took open stand defying oficial line in support of Article 370. It minimise the damage caused because of comments by Rahul Gandhi. These comments were extensively quoted by Pakistan in several international platforms. It caused severe damage to Congress in North India as well as in Western India.

 National Security is an issue which is above party politics. The highlight of human rights violation by opposition parties is not timely in the context of Kashmir. In the last seven decades, 41000 security personnel, civilians died and 71000 terrorists died out of whom several thousand foreigners were also there. So, it is not first time , it is happening in Kashmir. When more than one lakh humans lost their life in the Kashmir valley, let us accept that present policies on Kashmir utterly failed. Modi Government wanted to do a new experiment. Unfortunately, any change will not be accepted voluntarily. Certain resistance will be there. The restrictions imposed in Kashmir valley are mainly because of provocations from Pakistan and initial resistance from traditional parties in Jammu & Kashmir. No one will be happy with these restrictions. But it seems there is no alternative. At the same time, it should not be permanent feature. Common man will suffer if it continued further. Fundamental rights of citizens should not be permanent casualty in the name of security. Time is up for Government to relax them and make the citizens in Kashmir on par with rest of the country. Similarly, it is the responsibility of Congress and other opposition parties to extend support to the Government in national security. Along with that , they may also give constructive suggestions to strengthen national security. Let Government and Opposition move together with mutual consultations on the sensitive issues like Kashmir which is the only way of matured democracy.