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Nationalism dominates Caste and regional politics

             Narrative of Indian political scenario has completely changed after BJP emerged as largest national party. Let us recollect the political narrative in the past. The entire political narrative was dominated by caste politics and regional politics. The emergence of Modi on national theatre has made caste irrelevant and regional parties influence was also reduced considerably. These trends were replaced by Development and Nationalism. The latest Lok Sabha election was fought exclusively on Nationalism and National security. All other issues including economy took back seat.

         Modi gradually turned the scenario in his favour. In Independent India, no other leader developed this much clout. It did not come automatically. The first and foremost is the development of 'TRUST' on Modi. People believed him that he is not corrupt, people believed him that he can take firm decisions, people believed him that he is prepared to take risks in the interest of nation, people believed that he can act above petty politics. That is why whether it is GST, Demonetisation, Uri surgical strike, Pulwama- Balakot air raids , people stood behind him solidly.In some of the incidents, his actions did not yield results but no one suspected his intentions. In post 2019 elections, he brought daring legislations like Triple Talaq Bill, Abrogation of Article 370.  That is why, he has grown up as tallest personality in Independent India. 

      Even in political spectrum, he made experiments beyond caste politics. In Maharashtra, he made Devendra Fadnavis as Chief Minister bypassing all caste considerations; in Haryana , he brought Khattar as Chief Minister bypassing caste considerations ; in Jharkhand, he made Raghubar Das as Chief Minister bypassing all caste considerations; in Uttar Pradesh, he brought Yogi Adityanath bypassing caste considerations and so on. He was able to do so because of utmost faith in him by the people. Apart from first generation leaders like Nehru, Vallabhai Patel, we can compare his stature only with Indira Gandhi who also took daring steps. Creation of Bangladesh was the biggest step taken by her thereby she brought stability at eastern borders. Consequent to it, Pakistan was brought to kneels to sign bilateral agreement popularly known as Simla agreement. But her track record was marred by most controversial decision of imposition of Emergency. Till now, Modi's record is unblemished with any grave mistakes. May be demonetisation is only a controversial decision but people accepted it despite facing difficulties. 

    Lastly, the political narrative developed during his period has been used to transform society on social issues like Swachh Bharat campaign. In the second term, he took up ' Jal Jeevan Mission and Single-use Plastic Ban' as social campaigns. These campaigns transforms society in a big way. If opportunity comes, people rally together above caste and region which benefited country and society at large. 

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