Leaders with Less standards
Politics the venue where the people from different parties make allegations on the opposite party members. They slam each other with their words. War of words can be seen daily between two different parties. Sometimes they lead to personal abuses and raise debate on personal matters of leaders which shouldn't speak in public format.

A leader from a particular party, comments the opposition leader and he makes him a culprit in the people's point of view. The very same leader after the elections, when the opposition party wins and takes the power, he praises and joins into his party. This is usually seen in present politics. They think people can't find out their intentions in joining the party.

Nowadays, we can observe the politics have lost their values. The leaders lost their self-respect and running behind the power. For any person self-respect is a must, when it comes to political leaders it should be essential. This defines the credibility and character of the leader.

The leaders who make allegations and joins with the same person in the name of development, proves that he is playing a safe game. The jumpers who jump from party to party to develop their political career, are not considered as an efficient leaders.  They are doing nothing but business combinely fooling the people of the state.

A leader should be an example for the upcoming generations. The standards and values are the only things that remain forever rather than the positions won through compromising core values.