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Engage China in our own interest

                  Indo China diplomacy is moving on systematic way in the last several years.There is lot of debate on China's role in relations to India's national interest. There are number of incidents where China acted against the interest of our nation. In the light of this background, there is strong resentment against China in India. Right from 1962 war to China- Pakistan joint statement recently on Kashmir, China's actions deserve condemnation. China's encouragement to Pakistan's provocative actions against India is something our people could not digest. However in global scenario, we must move cautiously. 

           China is now second largest economy after US. It is our neighbouring country with long border unsettled. China has emerged as one of the few top countries having strong military capabilities. All these factors do matter and can not be ignored. Diplomacy is one which is to be pursued in a professional manner in this sophisticated world. A simple way of expressions may not be possible. Hence, there is a need to be cordial relations but be cautious.  

          We are facing a hostile Pakistan on western border. Tackling that rogue nation is our priority. More confrontations at a time is not wise for a country like India which is now only emerging as a one of the military powers. It will take minimum a decade to reach a satisfied military power . So, our interests are maintained very balanced way. In that background, Let us view Indo-China diplomacy. Though China plays anti-india role in many aspects, it is also important that we must keep on engaging China if not to win over but neutralise in many international relations. In the interest of our long term objectives, let there be continuous engagement with China. That is the only way out available in the present circumstances.   

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