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Is America reliable partner?

            America once again proved to be the most unreliable partner to any country or people. It proved again and again . In the recent past, Afghan episode was one example. It took the help of northern alliance initially to fight Pashtun dominated Talibans. Later a section of Pashtuns led by former President Hamid Karzai was the favourite of America. Now, it wanted to come out of the Afghanistan totally and making ways and means for it. It is now even prepared to hobnob with Talibans who were principal enemies till yesterday. Then, what will be the fate of non- Pashtun population? Taliban is known baiters of non-Pashtuns, Shias and other minorities. The biggest victims and vulnerable sections are women whose basic rights will be severely jeopardised in the ruling of Talibans. Even in case of India, this transformation is the biggest blow. Taliban rule in Afghanistan will be new asset to Pakistan. Both jointly may pose biggest threat to Indian security.

       Another live example is withdrawal of its forces from North Syria. Kurds were trusted allies of America since long time. kurds are the fourth largest community in entire middle East and also, it is the largest stateless community in the world. They were betrayed since beginning. In the first World War, Britain promised them seperate nationhood but betrayed it. They were divided among Turkey, Syria, Iraq, Iran and a small portion in other countries. In the recent history, America betrayed Kurds. In the turmoil in Iraq, Syria, US took the help of Kurds, particularly in fighting ISIS. However, now, they were exposed to bigger and stronger army of Turkey by withdrawal of American forces from northern Syria. Earlier, they expected separate Independence in north eastern area of Iraq. Ultimately, they were reconciled with autonomous province. It is another example of American betrayal.

     Coming to India, now a days, it is speaking as if it is a trusted ally . It quotes lot like oldest and largest democracies etc. However in action, it is not standing up to the mark. Earlier, when the structural reforms of UNO came for debate, USA took opportunistic stand not firmly supporting permanent membership but suggesting via media. Of course, China is one country which totally opposed India's elevation. But even USA did not play firm role. Leave about it, now come to the current topic.

     Today onwards, FATF meeting is going on at Paris. As per the guidelines and parameters, Pakistan did not comply these parameters. Terror financing and shelter to terrorists is continuing unabashedly. FATF's Asia Pacific wing clearly recommended that Pakistan more violated than complying the parameters. As per these parameters, Pakistan should be put under Black List. But news are pouring such that besides China, Turkey, and Malaysia USA may not in favour of placing Pakistan under the category of 'Blacklist'. If this happens, India must come out strongly and condemn opportunistic stand of America. Leave about past, India is experiencing very bad attitude from America.It proves that  USA will use everyone for its own interest and throw them away. Now, US wants India to fight China in Asia-Pacific. At the same time, it does not want to stand by us in critical moments. Reliability is the most important criteria if wanted to develop strong and permanent relationship. America , particularly under Trump, being unreliable partner must be watched carefully.   

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