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Will TDP strategy works with the Daughter of Hari Krishna?

Telugu Desam Party which lost its grip in Telangana, is now trying to gain back it.  The Party had taken the Huzurnagar by-elections prestigiously. They hope the victory in this election can help them to recover their party in Telangana.

As a part of it, the party decided to descend Nandamuri's family into the field. Hari Krishna's daughter Suhasini scheduled to campaign in support of TDP contestant Kiranmai from October 16. Since the candidate is a woman, TDP hopes that the women's vote bank will be favored if they campaign with Suhasini. Meanwhile, Hindupuram TDP MLA and film actor Balakrishna is also reportedly expected to campaign in Huzurnagar election. He is likely to campaign from 17 to 19 of this month.

Though Balakrishna himself campaigned for Suhasini in past elections, she faced the defeat to Kukatpally seat in Telangana. The strategies of TDP failed then, with what level of confidence the leader of TDP sending Suhasini to campaign is a question for everyone now.

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