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Jammu-Kashmir Road Map Ready?

             In another two weeks time, erstwhile Jammu & Kashmir State will become two Union territories one with legislature and other without. There will not be any doubts to anybody whether it is going to happen. The actual roadmap for both the entities will start after they came into existence on 31st October 2019.  Meanwhile, desperate attempts are being planned by terror groups under direct guidance of ISI and Pak Military. It is all expected. Initially, there will be some bad news like killing of innocents, civilians and even disturbances at public places. It is but natural. When Pakistan Prime Minister himself proclaimed 'Jihad" against India, it is expected that state sponsored terrorism will exhibit its tentacles wherever possibility occurs to attract international attention. Reports coming from Government sources reveal that substantial number of terrorists already intruded into our land. It is testing time to all of us not to be perturbed, not to be disturbed, not to be panicked if any untoward incidents occurred. Let us keep faith in Government, Army and our security forces and agencies. This initial disturbances will gradually come down in a span of few months and normalcy will be restored maximum within a year. Let us boldly face it. 

        Along with security aspects, it is high time Government will come out with road map for development of both the Union territories. At the outset, Home Minister himself clarified that Union territory status is temporary as far as Jammu- Kashmir is concerned and Statehood will be restored in due course of time. Of course, Ladakh continue with UT status only as it is the long pending desire of its people. Amit Shah revealed today that experts are drawing road map for 15 years to both these UTs in each sector whether it is Education, Health, Industries, Tourism, Infrastructure. May be these details will be published coinciding with the date of formation of new entities. It is a welcome measure which is in fact in dire need now. In a span of three to four years, there should be visible improvement in all these sectors. Then, people of Jammu and Kashmir will be mentally  integrated with rest of the country.

      The biggest challenge now Government is facing that people are under threat from terrorists. Though public wanted to restore day to day activities and lead normal life, terrorists are threatening them not to cooperate with establishment. Though Schools are opened , attendance of students is not improved due to fear. When Government wanted to facilitate business normalcy, terrorists are threatening farmers, business people and traders. Recent killing of innocent driver and Apple trader is an indication and warning to public not to restore normalcy. In these circumstances, it may take some more time to restore normalcy. Ultimately, it is people who have to come forward and resist the blackmailing tactics of terrorists. It appears there are several youth prepared to join mainstream political activity. At the same time, majority youth are still under extremist influence. That is why, it will take some more time to settle the matters. Though Prime Minister expected normalcy in another four months, observers are expected it may not be that easy to fix everything within four months. But restoration is certain. Another important point we all must know that Article 370 and Article 35A are already history and under any circumstances, they will not be brought back. Keeping that in mind, politics will settle gradually and we can proudly state that Jammu-Kashmir has become integral part of India and it is a settled matter. 

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