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Pakistan boiling now

                   Pakistan is moving into uncertain future with opposition united in demanding Imran Khan, Prime Minister to resign immediately.  The Pakistan's religious - cum - political leader Fazlur Rehman who is heading Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam is organising ' Azadi March' . He started the March from Karachi with thousands of his followers and reached Islamabad by Friday. He is still in Islamabad only. He warned Imran Khan and gave two days time to resign, otherwise will chalk out next course of action. All opposition party leaders extended support to his rally.


          Pakistan is facing serious economic situation. In recent survey conducted by Gallup International in all four provinces, people upto 53% concerned about falling economy, more particularly galloping inflation. The second biggest concern is unemployment at 23% whereas Kashmir is distant third with 8% only. It gives correct picture of Pakistani common man worry. Whatever hype created by Imran Khan about Kashmir issue, people are more worried about their day to day lives than Kashmir. Pakistan economy is in bad shape. Its Foreign exchange reserves are only $8 billion sufficient to cover less than 2 months of imports. The bail out packages provided by China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar are temporary relief only . IMF bailout package is conditional with structural reforms for which it will be uphill task for Imran Khan to implement.


        Meanwhile, the recent FATF meeting seriously warned Pakistan to comply with the recommendations made by it. In the next February meeting, it will be reviewed and may put in blacklist if Pakistan did not comply with. US State Department submitted its report to US Congress informing that Pakistan Government allows terrorist organisations like Haqqani network, LeT and Jaish e Mohammad freely despite telling otherwise on paper. The way things are happening at the ground level looks grim situation to Pakistan.


        Though Pakistan formed on religious grounds, ethnic conflict is playing big role in internal issues. Balooch, Sindhis, , Muhajirs, shias and even Pashtuns are feeling that country is dominated in all fields by Punjabis and they are being treated as second class citizens only. Karachi once inhabited by  Sindhis is no more the same position. They are now minority there. Muhajirs who were original propagators of Pakistan and backbone of Jinna are now frustrated lot. Baluchis are totally waging war against colonization of their land by Punjabis. Military alone is ruling the country by suppressing the democratic rights of  people. Pashtuns are being taken as junior partners in the main domination of one ethnic community , Punjabis in running the country.


        Religious fundamentalism is growing day by day. Imran Khan himself admitted in recent press interview in US that his country is having more than 40,000 terrorists. How can any country function with such horrible situation? State encouraging terrorism, State declaring 'Jihad' against another country, State supplying arms to terrorists is unheard in civilised society. Unfortunately, world is not united and took serious action . Reasons are many. As long as these countries are directly not adversely affected, they wanted to play safe cards. Second, certain countries extending support in the name of religious fraternity is dangerous.  Pakistan is taking advantage and exploiting the circumstances in its favour. 

       The present stalemate is interested to watch. The squatters are in Islamabad only. As long as Military support is there to Imran Khan , he may survive. But how long? Economic situation force people to become restless and restive. Let us wait and watch.

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