Owaissi politics gaining ground?

         The polarisation of society on religious lines on account of dispute with Ram Janmabhoomi issue was reached finality with the judgement of highest Court of India. Everyone hoped that the matter was over and now social harmony restores. Credit must be given to both the parties. Muslim community accepted it and reconciled with the situation. Hindu community restrained by not exhibiting triumphalism. The judgement which was unanimous also helped to certain extent for broader acceptance of it. It went on well till Owaisi gave provocative statement. 

   Owaissi is the first notable Muslim face who not only opposed Supreme Court judgement but also told that we don't want any land as compensation . We demand restoration of Masjid at the site of Babri Masjid, he reiterated despite Court judgement. Initially his was the lone voice but gradually many followed suit to score point against others or to show that they are championing more than others. Ultimate winner is Owaissi and his ideology. Now, 7 out of 10 original petitioners from Muslim side readied to file review petition. All India Muslim Personal Law Board along with Jamaat Ulema-e-Hind were instrumental in taking up the matter to the level of filing review petition though AIMPLB is not petitioner. It conceded that legal experts opined that there is little ground to review petition . Even then, they incited the petitioners to file review petitions. What is that they achieve if possibility of legal remedy is remote? 

   The present legal action is within the constitution. Legally, there is every right to them to file review petition. In the ordinary course, it is not an issue but it has raised eyebrows to peace lovers that the present action may raise divisions further. As on now, post Supreme Court judgement, the society is slowly recovering from polarisation but it may once again create divisions in the society. When the possibility of relief is remote, what is the purpose of this review except reigniting the already divided society. The AIMPLB leadership is not behaving maturely. In our opinion, this could be avoidable in the broader interest of social harmony. It seems now that Muslim Samaj is slowly rallying towards more sectarian forces led by Owaissi.

  It is high time that liberals and progressives should come forward and campaign for more important issues like education, health, housing and other social aspects instead of galvanising the masses on religious lines. We are now in 21st century. Our thinking should be catching new generation aspirations. Religious matters should be placed in back seat, identity politics should be discouraged by all sides, catch the advancements of modern society and function as one unit , one humanity and one community. It is the need of hour. Let us rise to the occasion and join in the new millennium thinking.