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Politics on religion to lead where?

The politics in AP has heated with the religious discussions now. The opposition parties are targeting the YCP with allegations which are related to religious issues.

Religion is always a sensitive topic. People show immense love towards their respective religion. The provocative statements quickly reach to public. They pay more attention to these religious matters other than any issues.

A political party can pass comments on schemes implementing by the government. They have every possible right. But when it comes to sensible issues they should be more responsible and act mature. TDP continuously raising their statements on Jagan religion. The recent decision of Jagan on converting Telugu medium schools to English, gave scope to BJP to exhibit its propaganda. English medium is to benefit Christians in the state of AP, stated BJP. These kind of statements will carry a negative impact on the idea of implementing a good cause.

Jagan has decided to increase financial assistance for Christians, who visit Jerusalem. This is seriously opposed by some part of people. There are also many allegations on TTD board for misusing the money. The government should take these allegations seriously and have to clarify it. It should explain the reason behind the increasing financial assistance, or else people of other religion might think of government acting partially. This partiality feeling in public can create a lot of impact in society, when political flavour added to it.

Parties like TDP, Janasena and BJP should focus more on issues that are raging in the state. Using religion to trouble the government is an unethical act. If there are any facts on points they raise, definitely there is another way to express. The issue should be handled smoothly and calmly. Provocative statements will never benefit anyone, they create unrest in public.

Religion and caste should be stopped at our gates while we enter into society. The development will always be backward if projecting caste and religions in front. As Indians, everyone should unite and contribute to the development of society

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