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Pawan Kalyan tweets vanishes from twitter!

Twitter is merely a mode of communication for everyone, but it is a greatest weapon in the hands of Pawan Kalyan, chief of Janasena. He is a master in handling twitter, every tweet he posts creates a sensation.

Surprisingly Pawan Kalyan's tweets from March 20 to August 20 have disappeared from twitter entirely. Not even a single tweet can be seen among these days.

The Janasena party states that Pawan hasn't tweeted from his official account those days. He used the party account to convey messages to the public.

The story behind this is, Pawan used a harsh tone on Chandrababu Naidu and Narendra Modi at the time of elections. He raged on them with his tweets. He denied their ruling and fought against them.

Now Janasenani is fleeing towards the TDP and BJP. He intends to maintain close contact with both parties. They may question him future, for his tweets opposite them. To avoid that, Pawan Kalyan has deleted the tweets from his account.

No one believes that a single tweet hasn't come from Pawan's account. He posts every small action in society, that too in election time. So the Janasena party and Pawan Kalyan should reveal the truth behind this.

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