Rapaka opposes Pawan's opinion in assembly!
Rapaka Vara Prasada Rao MLA of Janasena has praised CM Jagan in assembly, on implementing the  English medium schools in AP. The statements of Rapaka has differed his party chief Pawan stand on implementing the English medium schools.

Pawan Kalyan is denying the Jagan decision stating the English medium is a threat to Telugu language. The Telugu medium schools have to continue without modifying them. Most of the people like to study in Telugu medium, Jagan's decision affects the many students, said Pawan.

Surprisingly his party MLA has spoken in support of government decisions. His speech in assembly has ignited the fire among the Janasena activists. With the speech of Rapaka, the mutual understanding between Pawan and Rapaka is revealed.

The speech made JanaSenanai to bow down his head. People are discussing it, as Pawan couldn't command his own party MLA. People doubt Rakapa is slowly moving towards the ruling party. If it is true then it would be a big blow for Pawan Kalyan.