Jagan strategy to revoke CRDA bill in Assembly and Council!
CM Jagan has decided to revoke the CRDA bill, which is made by the past government. As a part of decentralisation, it is must to cancel this existed bill and replace it with a new bill in favor of three capitals.

Jagan deiced to pass the bill as a Money Bill to avoid troubles from TDP in the Legislative council. For passing a Money Bill, the Cabinet has to approve it, and it has to send to the Governor for the approval. Then it can be passed in the assembly without any obstacles from the opposition.

After taking the suggestions form the legal advisors, Jagan has changed his plan and wants to pass the bill as an ordinary bill.

The ruling party YSRC has a great strength in the legislative assembly, but has poor strength in the legislative council. The Jagan government has faced bitter experience in passing the past two bills, English medium bill and another bill. So Jagan can't pass the bill easily through the council.

He is taking all the options from the legal advisors and making strategies according to them. On the other hand, TDP has passed orders to all his MLAs and MLCs to attend the assembly session on Monday.

Jagan is considering all the legal and technical aspects to cancel this bill. If once the bill is introduced in the assembly, then it will be official, and it can be challenged in the High court for Justice. CM Jagan is also considering all these elements and making strategies to avoid troubles in passing this bill successfully.