How Naidu stops cancellation of CRDA bill in Assembly?
Since the Jagan government decided to cancel the CRDA bill, it is a struggle for N Chandrababu Naidu to halt Jagan in succeeding. Naidu made this CRDA Act for the establishment of Amaravati capital.

Now Jagan decentralises the administration and splits the capital to two other places. To achieve this, he has to cancel the CRDA bill and pass another new bill according to this.

Jagan can easily pass the bill through Assembly since he has maximum members. The problem comes with the Council, which has a majority of TDP members. Naidu plans to hold the bill passing form the Council and thinks of sending it back to the Assembly. In the meantime, he can approach the court as the government officially intends to shift capital.

Naidu passed orders to all his MLAs and MLCs to attend the Assembly without any fail. The orders are also sent to the rebel MLAs Vallabhaneni Vamsi and Maddala Giri.

Naidu has consulted the experienced leaders who spent most time in assembly. He makes strategies step by step inside the assembly and outside the assembly. Amaracti JAC has given a call to march to the Assembly on 20th of January. He consulted his legal advisors and party leaders on further actions. A meeting is held tomorrow with all the leaders in discussing the strategies to face the government, if the bill is implemented as Money Bill.

If Naidu fails to stop Jagan's government in assembly and council, his only option is to depend on Court decision. But Jagan makes sure everything according to the law. In this case, how Naidu stops Jagan is a million-dollar question.