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How did Sapthagiri got his Name?

Venkat Prabhu Prasad is the name chosen for Sapthagiri by his Parents. Upon completion of Intermediate, He went to Tirumala. After darshan, He kept looking at the Temple Gopuram. Then, A Matadhipathi lookalike came from behind and said, 'Nayana Sapthagiri, Kastha Pakkaki Thappuko'. Then, Venkat Prabhu Prasad experienced something he hasn't had before. That's when, When he named himself as Sapthagiri.

Sapthagiri didn't charge a single penny for his launch pad as hero. 'Dr. Ravi Kiran came forward to produce my movie. He spent more than my market for this project and gave me full freedom. That's why, I didn't charge any remuneration and asked him to use even that money for the movie,' shares the Comedian.

When quizzed about marriage, Sapthagiri informed he don't have any plans to settle down any time soon.

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