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Public Talk On Future Of Celebs Involved In Drugs

Whenever there is a news about a celebrity, people generally discuss if anything will happen to the film career of those celebs due to those incidents.

There is a hero who lost his career after his rumoured girl friend attempted suicide and there is an actress for whom offers came down flying due to her publicised affair with a producer. And now, with drugs scandal hitting straight on Tollywood's head, what will happen to these celebs? is a question.

Forget how industry people will react, but the general public is expressing their sympathy for these celebrities. Because in one single day they became a headline in a wrong way and all their hard efforts to survive in the industry, their creative brilliance to come on the top are being looked down. A star hero, a star director and another retiring beautiful heroine have all come a long way with their good work only, but not due to anything. However, with their names splashing in drugs menace, people are feeling pity for what has happened.

Some netizens have a different opinion, as they say, "Even if these celebs are consuming drugs, they are doing loss to themselves. It's their health that will be lost and their hard earned money that will melt like a clay statue. So it's better they quit it". While struggling actors might face some distancing from industry people, already settled stars won't get anything affected due to this drugs thing, say cine insiders.

While their cinema future will be good and may also get a new start with all the hype surrounding them, it's personal life that gets tampered. Because every relative will now look at these celebs in a doubtful manner and it takes time for them even for their loved ones to buy their innocence.

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