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I declined Bigg Boss for that reason: Srimukhi!

Jr. NTR's Bigg Boss has been under the scanner ever since, the channel producers announced the debut of the show. First, there were discussions about the actor being able to be the good host on Television. After that, there were talks about who will be the contestants and how it will be handled?

Jr. NTR passed his test with distinction as many liked his style. But when it comes to contestants, many expected to see more and more popular stars in the house but the final list has been very low on their expectations. Actually, producers wanted to bring in the most happening stars on Television to the show but due to various reasons they have left the offer.

One of them is Sri Mukhi. She is slowly becoming the most popular anchor of this generation after Suma. And in a live chat with her fans she disclosed why she could not accept Bigg Boss offer. She said that even though she is a fan of the show, she doesn't feel she is well equipped to handle such pressure and politics in a secluded area for so long. Also, she had accepted a new show just day before she got call from the Bigg Boss producers. So, she declined the offer. She did not answer for the question, if she will enter the house in future seasons!

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