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Gayatri Movie Review

Producer: Mohan Babu
Director: Madan
Music: S S Thaman
Casting: Mohan Babu,Manchu Vishnu,Shriya,Anasuya,Nikhila Vimal
Rating: 2.5/5


Sivaji (Mohan Babu)  is on a relentless search for his missing daughter Gayatri (Nikhila Vimal) for the last 23 years. Sivaji who lives only for his daughter makes his livelihood as a stage artist and a petty thief.

Finally he comes to know the whereabouts of his daughter. But he gets a shock when he gets kidnapped by Gayatri Patel (Mohan Babu) when he eagerly goes to meet his daughter.

To find out more about the twists and turns revolving around Gayatri, watch it on silver screen.


Mohan Babu proved that only he can do such kind of roles. He attracted with his powerful performance and body language as Gayatri Patel. He attracted with emotions as showing the love of a father Sivaji towards his daughter. Mohan Babu carried the entire film on his shoulders like a one man army.

Shriya's role is very limited but she attracted with her performance. Nikhila got good role and she did full justice to it with her performance. Vishnu's guest role is not that effective and failed to make any impact. Brahmanandam and Ali failed with their comedy. Others played their roles accordingly.


Thaman's music failed to make any impression. None of the songs are catchy. Due care is not taken during the song shoots. His background music is OK. Director Madan should have taken proper care on screenplay and narration.

Cinematography of Sarvesh Murari is average and in some scenes good. Editing of Varma is filled with full of loopholes. some scenes are very slow and many dragged. Production values are according to the story.

Plus Points:

Mohan Babu

Shriya, Nikhila

Few twists

Minus Points:

Routine screenplay



First Half


Expectations increase among movie lovers the moment they hear about Mohan Babu. However director Madan failed to live up to the expectations. though he had good story line,he failed to come with powerful and effective script. He tried to narrate the story in the 90s manner impacting the film's output.

He showed hero taking villains for a ride keeping mustache and beard. Genex movie lovers fail to connect with the outdated narration and screenplay of the director. Except for father's love for his daughter, few twists in the story, there is nothing that interests the movie lovers. Mohan Babu carried the film on his shoulders. Brahmanandam, Ali failed with their outdated comedy. Directors should realize that they cannot score hits with Ali and Brahmanandam who are fast becoming outdated. Movie lovers are not keen to watch them anymore.


Mohan Babu elevates Gayatri power to some extent.

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