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Ye Mantram Vesave Movie Review

Release date : March 09, 2018
Starring : Vijay Deverakonda, Shivaani Singh
Director : Shridhar Marri
Producer : Malkapuram Shiva Kumar
Music Director : Abdus Samad
Rating : 2/5

Vijay Devarakonda’s long-delayed film, Ye Mantram Vesyave is finally out in the open after five long years. Let’s see whether it impresses us or not.


Nikki(Vijay) Devarakonda) is a gaming enthusiast who is very irresponsible in life. He flirts with girls and wastes all his time just hanging out with his friends. One fine day, he meets a girl called Rags(Shivani Singh) online and decides to woo her at any cost. He makes multiple attempts but fails most of the time. Seeing his enthusiasm, Rags gives him a chance and challenges him to find out about her in a video gaming kind of scenario which has multiple levels. Vijay accepts the challenge and starts his search. How does he manage to meet Rags? and what problems does he face in all this is the entire crux of the story.


Vijay Deverakonda who is known for his superb performance has done okay job in this movie. To be specific, his character don’t have that much to showcase his acting skills. Shivani Singh as Rags is fine. Actors who has done other characters are just okay. They neither has good characters nor they justify the given ones.

Plus Points:

Vijay Deverakonda’s name

Minus Points:

Bad Screenplay
Failed Execution
Production values

Technical Aspects:

Production values of the film are below par as the visuals look clearly outdated. The technology showcased is outdated in the current scenario and this gives an old look to the film. Editing is okay and so was the background score. Dialogues are decent and so was the art direction. Coming to the director Sreedhar, he has done a below par job. As he is a software engineer himself, he has written the plot well and tries to showcase how the youth is getting sidetracked with the misuse of technology. But his narration lacks the focus as he does not manage to generate any interest in the proceedings regularly.


On the whole, Ye Mantram Vesyave is a film which Vijay Devarakonda needs to shrug it off from his system right away. Though it is a very old film of his which has released now, there is nothing much which the actor can boast about it. Except for his performance and interesting concept, this film does not give the necessary kick which is expected of Vijay’s movies and can be watched comfortably when it is aired on TV.

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