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Pawan Kalyan Sir, Shower Love On Telugu Girls Also

Actress Srilekha aka Sri Reddy Mallidi has taken the internet by a storm with her outburst on Telugu film Industry where she accused that many hardworking legends like Chiranjeevi and Mohan Babu are now not taking care of Telugu native girls. Confirming that casting couch is quite prevalent here, she demanded what is Pawan Kalyan doing to Telugu girls.

"Pawan Kalyan sir, you die so much for Telugu language and these days you're talking about it a lot. But you get non-Telugu heroines like Praneetha or someone else to sizzle in your films. You bring non-Telugu villains and technicians. Why don't you make films with all Telugu people sir? Please help us. We're in a poor situation. You give chances to Telugu girls such that it will inspire others" she said, demanding that Telugu biggies should change their mindset big time.

Talking more about non-state actresses, she questions, "Why our industry's happening heroes need only busy heroines like Samantha or Tamanna? They have already dozens of films in their kitty. Why don't you give us a chance? We are also fair, hot and we can act, but still, you don't give us chances".

Giving a clarity to Pawan Kalyan fans, she added, "I'm not blaming Pawan sir on his personal stuff or I don't want to talk about his role as a politician. But being a film industry person who likes the Telugu language a lot, I would request him to help Telugu girls. Like he fights for the special status of AP, he should fight for us also. I will bow to your feet if you could stand for us, sir".

Will Pawan Kalyan pay heed to this request? As he stated that he's already quit the job as an actor, will his production ventures see Telugu girls as heroines? Or how will PK fans react to this actress as she mentioned about the repercussions she has to face like a Kathi Mahesh for touching Pawan's topic? Let's see!!

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