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Rajaratham movie review

Cast: Nirup Bhandari,Avantika Shetty,P. Ravishankar,Arya
Producer: Ajay Reddy
Director: Anup Bhandari
Music: Anup Bhandari
Rating: 2/5


Abhi (Nirup Bhandari) ever since he joined Engineering College, gets attracted to Megha (Avantika Shetty). He however fails to express his love and Megha in the meantime fall in love with Suraj.

Knowing that Megha is going to Bengaluru, Abhi too books the same bus named Rajaratham (voice over given by Rana). Surprisingly Abhi met all those passengers at one or the other time in his life before boarding Rajaratham.

To find out where Abhi and Megha's romantic journey in Rajaratham heads in the backdrop of the highly volatile political situation due to Supreme Court verdict over Periapalem project and Abhi's brother Vishwa(Arya) leading the agitation as a student leader, watch Rajaratham on silver screen.


None of the stars are known to the Telugu movie lovers. Tamil actor Arya is OK as the student leader. He got only one expression to show throughout the film.

Avantika Shetty attracted with her looks to some extent. She did not attract with her acting. Nirup Bhandari tried his best to show his acting skills. But at times he overacted testing the patience of the viewers.

Comedy looked cheap and irritating. Others just passed through the motions.


Couple of songs tuned by Anup Bhandari are good. All the songs are well  shot. But some of them acted as speed breakers. Ajaneesh Lokanath's BGM is OK. Cinematography of William David elevated the scenes.

Plus Points:

Better second half
Avantika Shetty's looks

Minus Points:

First half
Story, Screenplay, Direction
Slow pace
Listless narration


Director Anup Bhandari tried to attract movie lovers with a romantic entertainer in a bus journey in the backdrop of volatile political situation.

The plot is nothing new and one expected him to narrate it in an interesting manner. However he stretched the romantic scenes in the bus in the first half, taking his own time. Even for the introduction of characters he took more than 20 minutes testing the patience of the viewers.

This left many feel that serials are better than the film narration. Second half too starts in a similar manner but suddenly story deviates from the bus, making many wonder what happened to the passengers of Rajaratham as the director shifted the focus on the lead pair and also to highlight the political atmosphere.

When the climax comes, despite the intensity, viewers heave a sigh of relief that the film finally ended. The director failed with his story, screenplay and direction. He lacked cohesion and also the confidence to narrate the story in a convincing manner without dragging the film with unnecessary scenes.


It is a one time watch and a decent film, one should watch it without keeping any expectations. And also fans of Rangitaranga will definitely love this film Rajaratham without any doubt.

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