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Jagapathi Babu also Had A Love Failure

Jagapathi Babu aka Jaggu Bhai, is one of the handsome hunks of Telugu Cinema. He is still seen as a person who can make many women hearts go racing with his stunning looks.

The actor in an interview recently revealed that he too was a love failure.

He said, "I loved a girl during my younger days before coming into movies. I asked permission from my mother to marry her. She denied.

"I felt like my whole life is shattered at that moment. I listened to my mother and broke up with my love.

"After few years, I recovered and realised that what my mother did is right. But that did not change my opinion on love.

"I will say this, parents will definitely know what is good and bad for kids. But that shouldn't stop children from being happy. I agreed my daughter's love and got her married to a foreign man, she loves. She is happy now.

"As parents, we should guide children and should not seem like roadblocks in their happiness with reasons like caste and prestige," said Jagapathi Babu.

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