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Why Many Can't Connect With Maruthi's Idea?

Sometimes filmmakers think huge before taking a step but their ideas go disastrously at the box office. Here comes director Maruthi with a 'brand new' concept and this time it didn't go well with many of his fans.

Directed by a newcomer Murali Krishna, the core concept of the upcoming film "Bhale Manchi Chowka Beram" was provided by director Maruthi. The point in the film is, a military guy writes about India's military top secrets in a file and some jobless youths happen to find it. They plan to sell the file to Pakistan and what happens thereafter is the film. And here is why many didn't like this idea at all.

In the age of digitalisation, who writes Top Secrets in a file, on paper? Okay, skip the logic. Is military or Intelligence agencies of India are that stupid to let such a person share military reports with terrorists? Okay, forget the logic. And if such file is found by a common man, is that easy for him to sell it? Okay, ignore the logic. Finding guys in Pakistan to deal with selling top secrets is something only some highly educated or highly placed bureaucrats or politicians can do, not common people. Okay still forget the logic.

But how many times anyone can forget the logic? If you're keeping the nation's secret files at stake for the sake of a comedy of errors, in the first place such narratives won't get much attention. Military secrets are top notch stuff and they shouldn't be dealt in a comic manner. What say Maruthi?

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