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Heroine Blackmailing Star Director For 1 Crore

A struggling heroine met a star-director to grab offer in his next film and in turn she offered solace to him in bed. Till then it looked like a consensual affair, but it took a dramatic turn as the lady opened the 'thriller' phase of the story.

When the director offered a side-character and an item number, she simply rejected it, as she wants only a heroine role. Then it is revealed that she has secretly recorded the whole of director's romance on a button camera she wore that day in her shirt. As the video totally showed the crazy acts of the director in bed, he's worried if she may leak that.

As per the ongoing situation in Tollywood, we could easily understand what might be going on in his head. And then, the aspiring actress offered him a deal, a 'fair deal' as she says, "Pay me 1 crore and walk away with your video footage. No further harassment in the future".

Totally shocked by this blackmailing, the star director is more worried about his image than the 1 crore payment which he could make very easily. Already he's said to have alerted his good 'influential' friends in the industry and an IPS officer whom he knows, to tackle the drama.

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