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Sri Reddy sensational FB post requesting CM KCR

Small-time actress Sri Reddy who has been hogging limelight for the past few days, has made sensational comments yet again. This time the actress has gone bold in her statement addressing Telangana Chief Minister K. Chandrashekhar Rao saying that she would go nude if KCR didn't intervene.

In a Facebook account she pleaded KCR to pay heed to her problems, adding that she will go on an indefinite hunger strike, the same path taken by him for his fight of a separate statehood. She concluded her post by saying if KCR didn't pay attention to her problems, then she will go nude in public. She goes on to say that she doesn’t know the means to reach out to the Telangana Chief Minister. The post has garnered over 480 likes and still counting.

For the past few days, Sri Reddy has been in the eye of storm after her sensational comments against major Tollywood personalities. She had stated that casting couch exists in the Telugu film industry and that and that many Telugu girls had been exploited by big names in the industry with false promises of offering them roles in movies.

She demanded to know why girls of other regions were referred over the local talent. “Why do they import girls from north when we have our own talent, “Sri Reddy said.

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