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Will You Abuse Me For Showing Proofs?: Sri Reddy

#SriLeaks is one of the hot topics in Tollywood now.  Speaking on the recent developments, Sri Reddy expressed her sadness that when she was raising allegations against the celebrities, everybody asked for the proofs.. but when she is showing the proofs, some people are making unnecessary comments on the proofs.

It is known that Sri Reddy released her intimate pics with top producer D. Suresh Babu son Abhiram a two days ago.  She said that many people understood the reality after watching the pics.. but some people are reacting in a weird manner.  She said "I'm unable to talk anything when they're saying that I've done all those things happily.. I went to bed with him with my own interest and I'm appearing happy in the photos."

She said that Abhiram invited her in the name of offers and he romanced with her in Ramanaidu Studios itself.  He alleged that Abhiram has done the same thing with several other girls.  She questioned when he is forcing them to sex, how can any girl shoot a photo or a video?

She questioned, "Are we roaming around by carrying a camera on our head to capture each and every moment?  Though we have so much pain in the heart we have to pose for the photos like that. Why would she go to bed if it is not for the offers?"  She clarified that she has gone to him only for the offers and she never had an intention neither to marry him nor for any other benefit.

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