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Krishnarjuna Yuddham: Nani Lost 40% Openings

In what could be seen as a major dent in his planning, hero Nani has completely failed to cash on the summer buzz we have to say. If the First Day collection of his latest movie Krishnarjuna Yuddham is anything to go by, it could be noted that there is almost 40% loss in the market he has from the Telugu states.   

With the low hype surrounding it, KAY got an average start at the box office though Summer holidays could actually come to the advantage. Across Telugu states, the film collected a share of  Rs 4.57 crores, amounting to Rs 7.25 crores gross. While fans may rejoice that this is the second biggest opener for Nani after MCA but fact is that MCA collected 7.6+ crores share on First Day and KAY lost 40% of it by collecting 4.5+ crores.

While MCA recorded a worldwide 'share' of close to 10 crores on First Day, now Krishnarjuna Yuddham is likely to collect around Rs 5.8 Cr on the opening day with gross touching 10 crores.

Nizam - 1,90,00,000

Ceded - 50,00,000

Nellore - 20,00,000

Guntur - 53,00,000

Krishna - 28,58,240

West - 29,00,000

East - 34,00,000

Uttharandhra - 52,00,000

Total 1st day AP & TS share 4.57Cr

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