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One Hit Song Can't Save A Film

Gone are the days where a couple of hits songs are enough to save a film from going disaster at box office. If the audio turns blockbuster, then it is expected that the film will run well as audiences would come to theatres maybe only to watch songs at least.

But those days are long gone as people are not showing interesting only if songs score a brownie. From Dhanush's '3' to Nani's Krishnarjuna Yuddham, the intent of cinema lovers is pretty clear when it comes to songs and the film result. "Kolaveri Di" became such a stupendous hit that people from all around the world did cover songs of it. But the result of the film is quite known, it bit a huge dust at the box office.

And now, we have "Daari Choodu" song from Nani's latest movie Krishnarjuna Yuddham which became a rage among youths. All over the YouTube, there are many tribute songs and cover versions of it with girls and boys doing a different style of dances for it. But still, all that craze didn't help the film get huge reception at the box office. Routine content crafted by Nani and Co cast an average result.

So for films to become hits, along with songs, there should be huge content value too. Also sometimes films with bad songs and good content will click big time at the box office but not vice-versa.

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