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Get Ready for Baahubali Prequel

Post the gigantic successes of Baahuabli and Baahubali 2 at national level, it was assumed by many that the sequel Baahuabli 3 would be made by the makers soon. But that never happened. The makers already cleared the airs stating that they wouldn't go for part 3.

Here is a cheerful news for Baahubali fans. One of the producers of Baahuabli, Shobhu Yarlagadda, announced that they were planning to make the prequel of Baahubali. In the prequel, they will show, Shivagami's childhood, how Kattappa becomes a slave for Maahishmathi etc. Maahishmathi set, which was already erected for Baahubali series will be used for the prequel in addition to a few other sets.

Also, the makers are planning to release the film in 192 countries. The selection of the cast and crew will be done in the month of August and the film will be canned for three years. More details are awaited.

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