BAN 14 Days Gross Lesser Than 12 Days?
It is a known news that Prince Mahesh Babu's Bharat Ane Nenu makers are rocking with  collection posters ever since the film was released. As of now, we have seen Rs.100 crores and Rs.161.28 crores wall posters.

And today, another poster with collections was published in newspapers. As per this poster, BAN collected Rs.190. 63 crores for 14 days. However, Mahesh Babu's fans were immensely shocked with this new poster. They said Rs.192.74 crores gross for 12 days poster was already released and the news was aired by a top TV news channel too.

"How can the gross be decreased 2 crores from its 12th day to 14th day?" they questioned the makers. "Hereafter, they should be more cautious releasing the gross posters", they advised the makers.

"We are hoping Rs.250.46 crores wall poster by next week and Rs.300.83 crores wall poster after two more weeks run of the film," hoped another fan.