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Mahesh's New Motto: Don't Take Any Classes

Holidaying in Spain as we discuss here his next film, Superstar Mahesh is making sure that his next film will satisfy some unattended cravings of his fans. As he's coming up with Vamsi Paidipally's movie, which also happens to be his 25th film, here is the motto he' said to have taken.

After taking oath as Chief Minister Bharat, Mahesh Babu has the fourth time in a row took a class to audiences and delivered lectures on various social stuff. His recent films including Srimanthudu, Brahmotsavam, Spyder and Bharat Anu Nenu belong to the same genre- class taking genre.

While he spoke about rich people adopting villages in Srimanthudu, his Brahmotsavam dealt with family feuds and need to connect with roots of a family. Spyder has a message regarding that negativity in people and what types of ill-fated-things will happen if it crosses limits. Needless to say, Bharat Anu Nenu dealt with politicians and the need for them to improvise their accountability. So what's next?

For that reason, Mahesh is said to have fixed the motto of "Don't take any classes" through his next film. It will be a pure commercial entertainer with loads of comedy, action and breezy romance. Of course, gyaan-giving stories became monotonous for the Superstar and fans are also waiting for him to give a break.

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