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Inside Talk: #RRR Producer Asked To Give Up Project?

#RRR is one of those upcoming magnanimous projects that whole of India is waiting for. Obviously, it is the next film of titan SS Rajamouli who has carved out the legendary Baahubali, the whole of cinema tinsel towns look forward to it. And he recently announced that #RRR is that most awaited film.

Featuring Ram Charan and Rama Rao (Jr NTR) in the leads, Rajamouli is carving a film so big that its budget is said to be nearly 200 crores. Producer DVV Danayya is handling this project and he recently confirmed that budget is not at all a concern for him as he wants Rajamouli to deliver utmost classic yet again.

A film industry buzz indicates that another producer who made some big projects in the yesteryear has now approached Danayya to give up #RRR. Yes, he is said to have asked him to take 50 crores and move away from the film, such that he could produce the film with Rajamouli. And the big reason he said is that, even if Danayya makes a film with 200 crores, he will get only 50 crores profits in the end.

For now, Danayya has declined to take up the offer though he met this producer for a discussion. If all goes well, the 200 crores project might rake up easily 500 crores collection from all quarters and even if Danayya took 50% share, then the profit is going to be 150 crores for him. Seems like the senior producer missed the logic.

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