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Nag Fans Feeling Happy With Officer Result

While a section of Akkineni fans are busy pouring milk on the cutouts of Ram Gopal Varma, other section is happily enjoying the result of "Officer". They are saying that there is no need to blast Varma or troll him on Twitter for the kind of film he delivered. Wonder why?

All these days Ram Gopal Varma is passing his time by blasting Pawan Kalyan fans on social media and also by instigating others against Pawan. With fans also giving black and blue to him, everyone felt that Varma will silence them all with "Officer" movie. Also by announcing that he has a film with Akhil, Varma projected that he is still the king of that big league.

Going by the result of "Officer", it's now pretty clear that Varma lost his magical touch as his focus on elsewhere all the time. Akkineni fans are now celebrating that Varma will not be getting a chance to direct Akhil because no producer (Nag in this case) will put such huge stakes at risk after watching a film like Officer.

Simply put, even if Nagarjuna got trapped into a flop, it is saving Akhil from getting one, is what fans are feeling.

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