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Tejaswi Gives Clarity on About Samrat

The equation between Tejaswi Madiwada and Samrat in the Bigg Boss House has been widely discussed. They both had gone through a lot in their personal lives and have found solace in each other's company. People even suspected if they are in love and going to marry after the end of the Season 2 of Bigg Boss.

Tejaswi Madiwada broke her silence on the speculations about her marriage. 'I am used to living the life alone right from the beginning but can mingle with people very well. With Samrat, I have become much closer and felt like sharing hardships I faced in my life with him. Other than that, There is nothing between us what-so-ever. After my eviction, People kept asking Me when we gonna marry and that made me angry. Being friendly doesn't mean we are in love or ready for marriage. Samrat is just a good friend of mine,' she clarified.

Negativity on Samrat kept reducing after Tejaswi's elimination from Bigg Boss 2. People got to know about the real self of this Actor since then. As of now, He is one of the strong contenders for the title and likely to be in Top 5 by the end of the reality show.

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