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Hello Guru! What Is This Govindam Touch!

Other day the teaser of Ram and Dil Rau's latest outing "Hello Guru Prema Kosame" has taken everyone by a surprise. Especially the way director Trinadha Rao unveiled a hot new avatar of Anupama Parameswaran is the take away for movie lovers.

Apparently, looking at this teaser, each shot and the way romance is interestingly induced into each frame reminds us of another recent film. Yes, you're right, the film's teaser looked like a child version of "Geetha Govindam" teaser.

The way Anu doing some early morning chores and hero Ram observing her is more like Rashmika stoking her hair with a towel when Vijay Devarakonda lifts her. Also, the hazy look of the visuals, slow-motion shots and the eye-catching glamour of heroine in both HGPK and GG are the pretty same.

One needs to see if this Geetha Govindam touch is deliberately given owing to the fact that the latter is a stupendous hit at the box office, or it is just a mere coincidence.

In the recent times, films that raised curiosity levels with their first looks and teasers have really done well at box office. One has to see if Ram will break the flop jinx yet again like how he did it with Nenu Sailaja earlier.

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