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Tejaswi - So Cheap, Stupid & Shameless!

Tejaswi Madivada invited the wrath of Kaushal Army by sharing a photograph of 7 Bigg Boss 2 Contestants and captioning it - 'With The Winners Of Bigg Boss'.

Kaushal Army got offended by the post as it arrived at the time when were celebrating the victory. Tejaswi has been trolled in this way - 'This woman is filled with venom top to bottom. So cheap, stupid and shameless. Can't Appreciate someone's success. Jealousy Tho Edchi chachipotundi mana Kaushal meeda. You are always a loser you dumb ****! Kaushal is and will always be the winner'.

Tejaswi is one of Bigg Boss Contestants who faced severe backlash from public because of her behaviour. She didn't even mind targeting Bigg Boss after attempts for re-entry has failed.

The Actress made a deliberate attempt to tarnish the image of Kaushal during a task by making false allegation. She accused Kaushal of deliberately touching Nandini Rai inappropriately. In reality, Nothing of that sort had happened and even Nandini confirmed it.

For the grand finale on Sunday, Tejaswi arrived to the Bigg Boss house just alike other contestant and even danced to the Rangeela Song. However, The way she responded on the final hasn't gone down well with many people. She commented, 'Bigg Boss Final Today‚€¶Who Cares?' ahead of the final. After the grand finale, Tejaswi shared another picture with Bigg Boss Contestants (except Kaushal) and questioned, 'Who's The Winner Now?'. It gave an impression that rest of the Contestants are the real winner as they remained united, unlike Kaushal. What would she gain from such postings?

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