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Kaushal Couldn't Beat Geetha In That Matter

Kaushal Manda won the Bigg Boss Season 2 Telugu and he did it after being in the home for 112 days and cleverly being able to convert the sympathy wave into a consolidated fan following.

He maintained his dignity and simply remained calm and composed throughout the season. He even had to every week face the threat of elimination for being in the hit-list of other contestants throughout the season.

He got a prize money of Rs. 50 Lakhs and also remuneration for surviving through the 112 days as per the agreement.

The highest paid among the contestants have been Tejaswi and second highest Geetha Madhuri, as they were famous even before they entered the house. Kaushal did not even get 25% of what they earned while entering the house.

Even though he now can dream about a good career and opportunities to sustain his following, Geetha would be laughing her way to the bank with a huge balance. 

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