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Rakul Preet Singh First look As Sridevi In NTR Biopic

Makers of 'NTR' kept receiving praises for the kind of makeovers they offered to the Star Cast so far. Unfortunately, They were unable to make Rakul Preet Singh lookalike Sridevi. This is why there is mixed response for the First Look of Rakul.

Of course, Rakul Preet Singh looks drop-dead gorgeous as usual. But, Does she resembles like the Evergreen Beauty? May be not! Krish did make a conscious attempt to make her look like Sridevi by focusing on eyes. Still, Nobody can be Sridevi no matter how much efforts might have gone into the transformation.

The get-up of Rakul suggests Krish could be including the iconic rain song (Aaku Chaatu Pinde Tadise) of NTR & Sridevi from 'Vetagadu' in the biopic.

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