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#MeToo: Sruthi-Arjun Refuse Compromise

Kannada Rebel Star Ambareesh on Friday announced attempts made by the Film Industry to resolve the issue between Sruthi Hariharan and Arjun Sarja amicably failed. He told none of the two Actors are in a mood to apologise. 'As a Senior Actor, I offered them few suggestions with the experience I have. I had given a chance for each one of them but they didn't pay heed. They haven't submitted any proofs either. Don't have any idea what is #MeToo & #SeeToo. Never seen such a controversy in my film career. I'm not taking anyone's side. There is no harm to Film Industry because of this controversy,' says the Senior Actor.

Arjun: 'My silence over the allegations hurt My Family Members, Fans and Friends. I will settle the matter in the court of law. There is no question of compromise. #MeToo is a good platform, better if it isn't misused. Don't know why I have been targeted'.

Sruthi Hariharan wondered why Society insults a woman who fights against the harassment courageously. 'Why should I apologise without committing any mistake? I haven't filed any case against Arjun. He himself filed two cases against Me. Happy that he did that! I will fight for justice‚€¶won't compromise at any cost,' she maintains.

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