Buzz: Nani Grabbed Allu Arjun's Story
One hero's loss is definitely other hero's gain. That is what happens with some interesting films most of the times. If Sumanth and Ravi Teja didn't reject those stories, Toliprema and Pokiri are their films respectively. There are flops as well however when few heroes picked films written for other stars.

Cut to our subject, a buzz is being heard that Nani has grabbed another interesting story now which was actually written for Allu Arjun. Earlier director Maruthi is said to have prepared Bhale Bhale Magadivoyi for the Stylish Star, but it landed up in Nani's kitty. Did that happen with another story now?

From a long time, director Vikram K Kumar is busy cooking a story for Allu Arjun and the hero is busy asking him to change flavors and ingredients. Finally, he has let this script go, by picking Trivikram's remake drama over it. And now, Vikram is said to have narrated the same story to Nani, and the natural star liked it immensely.

With another version script that will be crafted according to the body language of Nani, and to the whims and fancies of Vikram, the project will be locked. It will go to floors early next year.