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Young Hero's 'Boyfriend' Behaviour Upsets Heroine

He is a star kid popular for picking spineless movies and the shooting of his next film is going on at a jet speed. While the heroine of this film is all praises for him whenever she talks about the project, it looks like there is a #MeToo like stuff going on in between the closed doors.

A source working on the project confirmed that this hero actually behaves quite possessively with that beautiful girl known for her curvaceous looks. She too felt the behavior normal, as he's asking her out to coffee shops and dinners. But then, after spending a good amount of pleasurable time with her, he started showing his other side.

Though the heroine spent good time with him, she has boyfriend elsewhere and won't share much of her personal stuff. But our hero is said to be a torturous guy, behaving like her real boyfriend and forcing her to behave like his real girlfriend. She's literally upset with this behavior, but don't want to create a scene out of it as she wants to grow heights in Tollywood.

It looks like these guys need a real bit of #MeToo to tell them what their real place is.

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