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Ram Charan's Reaction On Janasena Symbol

Heaping praises on the hard work being put by his Baabai Pawan Kalyan, mega hero Ram Charan has come out open, expressing himself. He wished that Janasena should come up with flying colors.

"He left movies and joined the public platform, waging war for the sake of people, wandering from door to door and roaming in all the districts, which causes pain to our family. But we are happy that he is taking all that pain for the sake of people who are going through more agony out there" said Ram Charan, talking about his babai, Janasena president Pawan Kalyan other day.

Articulating on the newly given poll-symbol to Janasena party, the mighty tea glass tumbler, Ram Charan added, "These days no one is drinking coffee or juices, but they are having only tea. I wish that small teacup will create a storm by sweeping big wins".

Well, that's the first ever election wish and wishes over the poll symbol for Janasena party from a celebrity of such high stature.

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