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Viswasam movie review - Ajith saves his family again

Viswasam movie review: Ajith-Siva should consider saving the audience from bad movies by taking a very long break.The interval sequence is the most important part of a big commercial film. No matter how dull and routine the first half was, if the director manages to end it on a high-voltage note, it will revive the audiences’ faith in the filmmaker. It encourages them to return to their seats after a short break even as they know deep inside their heart that, usually, they will have to suffer another hour and a half of dull and routine moments. Director Siva couldn’t even conceive a decent interval sequence, promising a better second half. After an action sequence shot in the Mumbai rain, Thooku Durai (Ajith) tells the entire premise of Viswasam (Loyalty) to the bad man, who is vying for the blood of his daughter Shweta (Bharath Reddy).

Durai tells the villain (played by very tired Jagapati Babu) something like this: You should not mess with a man who was dumped by his wife, banned from meeting his daughter and feeling guilty of not being able to be by the side of his daughter and watch her grow up. Because if he begins to hurt people to express his love for his daughter, even God himself can’t stop him. That’s Viswasam in a nutshell.

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