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Sunny Leone shocks with her tears

Sunny Leone, Indo Canadian p0rn star after her debut in Bollywood, started attracting movie lovers with her looks, beauty treat and performances. Though she is trying hard to erase her p0rn star tag, she is unable to do so, with many insulting her referring to her past.

According to the latest Sunny Leone who participated in a show, Pinch hosted by Salman Khan's brother Arbaaz Khan, she was tear struck when Arbaaz reminded of her past showing her an old comment posted by a netizen.

Arbaaz Khan revealed  "Everybody has spoken about interesting things about them. Sunny Leone has also spilled a lot of beans and she even cried on the show. Like there was certain thing she wanted to answer and you could tell that somebody like her also could get affected and really be emotional about a certain question and about an answer. And she spoke beautifully and everybody else's as well. Some have taken it humorously, some have taken it emotionally. So there have been all kinds of expressions that you will see in every episode with the celebrities,"

Sunny Leone is currently busy starring in a period entertainer Veera Maha Devi under the direction of Vadivudiyan.

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