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RRR Release Date Poster Rocking

Rajamouli in RRR press meet announced July 30, 2020 is the release date of the film. He also informed that, the film will release in 10 languages, including all south languages and Hindi. The makers have also released Rrr Release Date Poster which is monumental with both the lead actors NTR and Ram Charan with serious looks. We can observe intensity in eyes of both the stars.

Rajamouli also clarified that; RRR will be made as single part. “Considering its runtime, we released Baahubali in two parts. But, RRR will be released in single part,” informed Rajamouli who also hinted about likelihood of sequel to RRR.

Motorcycle Diaries is the inspiration for Rajamouli to make RRR. On signing North actors, Rajamouli stated, “Some part of story is set in North India which is the reason for casting few North actors like Ajay Devgn,” affirmed Rajamouli.

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